GeekBoZ “ , The Brand for Gamers , was just a concept when i started myself into gaming.Basically , what we does makes us apart from most of other retail businesses out there in Kerala.
This brand was built from passion for PC Gaming and when we started this project the only investment we got was our strong will and a dedicated mind.I have been in tech industry ,as a freelancer, since 2012 and now the time and the effort we put forth created what we are today.We are not established just for making a lot of money but its our passion for poor Indian Gamers ,like us,to reach their destiny in Gaming and having their own rigs for powering their needs, which was once their dream. When we started into PC Gaming in late 2009 , what i owned was a P4 System that wasn’t enough for even an Average PC Gaming in those times.
But surprisingly that was our inspiration to “ PUSH OUR LIMITS “, we saved and earned few thousand bucks to build ourself a custom rig with a GPU Inside . from their , Gaming experiences and game-plays really motivated us a lot to bring ourself up for gaming.We wondered there are lot of guys who are like us, are passionate for gaming but couldn’t afford it at all.So ,that thought, really brought my vision deep into reality ,which led us to be the change makers. “Why Gaming Community is so hard towards an Indian Gamer ?,is that because of poverty,lack of necessities or due to our underdeveloped society (PS: in those times) “….this was the first thought came into my mind when i sparkled the foot flames for the now known “GBZ”. aka. GeekBoZ.
It bugs us that all the latest and greatest is way too expensive in Kerala or just arrives way too late to the Kerala shores. “GeekBoZ” is our little push to change all of that, & make gaming accessible to everyone, for every budget. As a starting point we’re more focused into customised gaming Rigs,and powerful Video Editing Rigs. We’ve started the revolution in this tech industry and we will be going strong for many years to come – our biggest driving motive has been spreading the joy of gaming – and suppoting gaming community/ hearing satisfied gamers giving their honest reviews. If you’ve been following us for a while – you can see our vastly evolving Official page here.We are destined to be transparent in our business and won’t compromise on the quality of promises we assure.
GeekS are here ,among us ,So why don’t we embrace the real geek inside us, for good.
“ Believe,Embrace and join Hands “-GeekBoZ, a Brother for all the geeks in Kerala.
Cheers to my brotherhood..
Team GeekBoZ